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10 Ways to Make Your Home Cosy This Winter

Are you considering kitchen renovations Perth, but don’t know which style to choose? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Kitchen design styles can be overwhelming and there’s a lot to consider when starting your project. To help you out, we’ve put together a guide to some of the most popular kitchen design styles to get your creative juices flowing. From traditional to contemporary, we’ll explore the pros and cons of each to help you decide which style best fits your needs. So if you’re looking to renovate your kitchen and want some inspiration, check out our guide to kitchen design styles!

Winter might not be your favourite season, and most people would agree. You have to adjust to shorter days, meaning more time curled up indoors. It’s easy to get frustrated during these times, but you can always cosy up your home to better enjoy the cold winter months. Below are some easy tips to make that happen. Check them out!

1.   Spice your scents

Scents have a way of taking you back to good memories and feelings that can help you enjoy your time indoors. If you haven’t invested in some awesome scents yet, it’s time to procure yourself some to prepare a cosy home environment for this winter. The best part is that you can choose from a wide range of flavours, which go from exotic to woody, depending on the memories you hold dear.

2.   Add some light

When it comes to winter, you would want to settle for soft and diffused lights. They are good at creating a warm environment, so you don’t have to miss summer too much. To achieve this, opt for globe lamps because of their ability to evenly diffuse light into your space, especially in the bedroom and living room. Also, as you are making your pick, consider getting gold-accented or brushed brass lamps for a warm metallic reflection around your indoors.

3.   Get some soft furnishings

A snuggly feeling can make you want to stay indoors all day, and will come in handy over the winter. And what better way to achieve this than by adding a few cushions, throws, and blankets to your space. However, as you do this, ensure they complement well with your furniture. If you don’t have much furniture yet, or would like to add, canvas and sasson has a great range of warm and cosy furniture. Consider purchasing some bar stools online, so you avoid going out shopping in the cold, and can enjoy your favourite summer drink even in winter.

4.   Layer up with rugs

Yes, you already have rugs on your uncarpeted or wooden floor, but that doesn’t mean you cannot use a few more to make your space feel cosier. Add a few rugs to your carpet to give a little bit of texture to the room. A mix of shaggy and soft rugs will do the trick. Just mix them up to help your feet stay warm and enjoy a soft floor to walk on.

5.   Light some candles

The best thing about adding candles is that they can warm up your space, light up the room and add scent. Consider investing in some good candle holders to transform your candles into a piece of art.

6.   Upgrade the walls’ colours

Did you know that colours can significantly affect your mood and energy levels? Well, now you know. Some colours, such as yellow, violet, white and even green are best known for their calming nature, and are best suited for bedrooms. To keep you active in your workspace, you can add a little bit of red, which also works perfectly for the living room or dining room and is shown to encourage conversations.

The secret, however, is to choose colour palettes that work for you.

7.   Bring in some plants and flowers

Since you won’t be spending a lot of time outside, you might as well bring in some of your favourite plants and flowers. However, only add plants and flowers that are suitable for the indoors, and ensure that they help refresh the space, while adding colour.

8.   Get a few pieces of art

There is no limit to what a piece of art can do to your space. Go for art prints that accommodate your beliefs and colour/pattern preferences. If you love landscape photography, you can settle for photographic art to enhance the cosiness of your home over winter.

9.   Upgrade your wardrobe

This might seem obvious, but not many people think about it until it’s necessary. To save using your thermostat over winter, get yourself some warm cosy wear for the season. Wool, sheepskin, thick knitted clothing and slippers will come in handy. And you can still look good while indoors!

10. Customize your home

The best way to enjoy your home is to turn it into the home you have always wanted. Furnish it according to your personality and preferences. Decorate it with designs you love, and then sit back and enjoy its cosiness throughout the winter.

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