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5 signs you need to upgrade your front door

Great front doors last a long time but not a lifetime. There will come a time when you need to upgrade your front door without delay.

Your front door is the face of your home it welcomes you each day and gives you peace of mind when you leave by assuring you security.

Other than endured damage that can pose security threat, upgrading your front door could be to lift the value of your home and even make room for a new and improved lock system.

Whatever your reason is let these signs guide the process to getting an upgrade on your front door.

  1. Paint peeling. This is never an attractive appeal for your home. It greatly brings don the value of your home and it is not welcoming to your guests. Have you always wanted to upgrade your door to possible waterproof, fiber steel, or even glass? Well use this opportunity as the prime moment to let the upgrade a reality. A rusty door or outdated looking door is a good reason to decide to upgrade your front door.
  2. Pin code entry. If it is you have always wanted to put a more sophisticated security on your door the time to upgrade your front door is now! Your current door doesn’t give you the opportunity to install this system so upgrading your door to match this need is essential.
  3. Feels loose. When you open or close your door, does it feel like its about to fall off and you have to use much arm strength to keep it up? This is definitely a clear sign you need a new front door. Especially if you have already tried changing the hinges and they have become loosened again in short order – its time for an upgrade!
  4. Your floor is being damaged. If each time you open and close your door, it leaves scuffs and scratches behind its time for a door upgrade. Don’t delay it because you will end up needing to replace both your flooring at the front door and upgrading your front door.
  5. Appearance of moisture. If you start noticing moisture between your glass panes even after repairing the seals, its time for an upgrade on your front door. Left for much longer will start developing molds that need to be treated.

Final Thoughts

 Looking for a clear sign that you need a front door upgrade? Here are five clear signs that your front door replacement is imminent and just around the corner.

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