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6 Moving and Packing Tips for 2021

Moving to a new home is stressful and a very long process. Such a process requires a lot of planning and organization, otherwise, it will not be executed as smoothly. You could run into some serious troubles if you do not plan everything beforehand. But, packing and moving does not have to be so bad every single time. Even if you do not have any experience with such situations, you could still learn some tips and tricks about DIY packing which will make everything much easier for you.

However, with so many different advice or tips online, it can be difficult to figure out which one you should listen to. Thousands of people have shared their opinion on the matter. You will just have to find the right article that is most relatable to your situation.

But, if you do not have any time to waste on searching, researching, and learning online, you are already in the right place. We compiled this article with some help from our friends at AK Premier Real Estate Services in North Carolina so we could provide you with the the most useful and general packing tips for 2021. I hope that after you read this article, you will know exactly what to do when moving to a new home.

Get rid of the things you do not need

There is that one common problem that almost all people have and that is hoarding. It is probably in our nature to create some kind of emotional link with inanimate objects, but there really is no benefit to that. Such a mindset just makes your home cluttered with all kinds of necessary items and junk. Forget about keeping boxes, bags, and other unnecessary stuff. They will make your entire moving project so much more complicated and difficult for everyone.

So, your first step should just be to get rid of all the things you do not need. I assume that you probably have hundreds of items you could probably throw away. Away Today Rubbish Removal Inner West tell us they often have clients that accumulate piles of unwanted or unneeded waste that consists of furniture, appliances and clothes that need to be disposed of before the move starts. Of course, you get to decide what gets to be kept and what needs to be thrown away. Just make sure you give more thought to this topic. It’s definitely going to save you some time and money.

Start packing early

Moving to a new home is a very stressful process because of time constraints. Everyone tries to finish the impossible within a few days. But, it is impossible for a reason. So, why stress yourself the last couple of days of your moving process when you can just start a few weeks earlier? If you want, you could start packing some stuff even an entire month early.

Obviously, you should not pack any of your essentials. Things like your living room couch, TV, bedroom, kitchen appliances, and other essentials should stay with you until the last day. But, other stuff that is not a priority should end up in a box as early as possible. Decorations, certain pieces of furniture, decorative elements, and whatever else you could find that is not vital.

By following this tip, I assure you that the last couple of days of moving will seem much less frustrating and stressful.

Keep track of all the screws and other hardware

The best way to save on space when packing is to disassemble certain appliances and furniture. I am certain that some pieces of furniture cannot even be carried through the door. Naturally, your only option is to disassemble them into several parts so you can carry them to the truck outside.

However, you will also have to assemble all of them back, otherwise, you will just end up with parts of a couch and no couch to sit on. To successfully assemble them, you will need to have a separate box to keep track of all the screws and the rest of the hardware. First, put all of the screws in small plastic bags and mark them somehow. Once every single plastic bag is marked, you could put them in a smaller box and make sure you always keep track of it. Put it at the end of the truck since it is one of those essential boxes.

Find the right moving company and write down their contact information

A few months before you start working on this complicated project, it would be a good idea to find a suitable moving company that is going to satisfy all of your needs. Once you have found the perfect company, I suggest that you write down their contact information. When the moment comes, you will be prepared to call for the necessary professional help to assist you with your move.

I would also suggest getting contact information with businesses that offer storage services, in case you need to store some of your stuff somewhere for a few days. It is probably the best way to keep all of your stuff safe.

Get various box sizes

When going shopping for box sizes, I recommend getting a variety of sizes. Trust me, you will not be able to get the job done with just one type of box. All of the heavier and larger items should end up in the sturdier and bigger boxes while all the smaller stuff should be in the smaller boxes. This will also make the whole process much easier to organize.

Do not forget to mark down every single box, so you can differentiate them. If it is for clothes, write down the clothes on the box. If there are fragile items inside of it, make sure you write “Fragile” on every single side of the box. Everyone should be very careful with fragile items otherwise they could easily break during transport or while being carried.

Always double-check the tape

When closing and taping the boxes, make sure to double-check the taping. You would not want the box to collapse and fold while carrying it, right? Especially the ones that are filled with valuable stuff that could easily break. Make sure to always tape as best as you can.

There are probably dozens of other tips and tricks that could help with your moving and packing, but if you follow these tips I mentioned above, I am sure that you will not have any problems with your moving process.

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