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6 Quick and Easy Ways You Can Upgrade Your House To a Modern Smart Home

Smart homes are all the rage these days, but if you’ve been dreaming of living in one and you can’t move houses right now, you might be wondering if it’s possible to transform your current home with new technology. Fortunately, the answer is yes! It doesn’t take too much home improvement effort to find yourself in a home that’s tailored to meet your needs in a click of a button – or sometimes even with a single clap! Upgrading your home into a modern smart home might sound like a truly time-consuming task to take on, but with these six quick and easy tips, you can give your home a reset in no time.

1. Try Smart Locks To Secure Your Door Handles

Sometimes, lending your home a high-tech vibe is all about paying attention to the details. If you still have an old-fashioned door handle that’s started to get iffy or difficult to open, your home many appear out-of-date and, even worse, you could be leaving your family at risk. Consider upgrading instead to smart locks that can help secure doors, and your home as a whole, with the touch of a button. Many smart locks even come with phone apps so you can adjust levels of security while on-the-go, even if you’re not at home at that moment. Having this extra feature could help give you additional peace of mind whether you’re at home or away!

2. Get a Portable Smart Speaker for Your Living Room

There’s nothing more relaxing than playing your favorite playlist as you do different tasks around the house, and now portable smart speakers make it easy to access your music from just about any room of your home. These speakers may respond to your voice, so you don’t have to get up or go into a different room to change songs or switch playlists. It could make cleaning sessions easier than ever before, or add the perfect complement to a night of entertaining friends and family!

3. Get Adjustable Lighting That Responds to Claps

You may have seen lights that turn on and off in response to a clap in the movies, so why not bring that cool new technology into your own home? Lighting can make a big difference in terms of the vibe of your home, so upgrading it is a quick way to lend your home a new high-tech feel. You can get lights that respond immediately to one or two claps, or you can get adjustable lighting that may even get brighter or darker based on the time of day and the outside light.

4. Install Smart Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Your house already has old-fashioned smoke detectors, but upgrading to new smart versions could help detect problems earlier on and keep your family safe. Both smart smoke detectors and smart carbon monoxide detectors are available today to alert you to possible issues as soon as a trace of smoke or carbon monoxide is sensed. You may want to consider installing several of these throughout your home to be extra safe.

5. Install a Camera Security System To Monitor Your Home

Home safety is a prime concern for many homeowners, and smart technology is a great option for giving you extra peace of mind. Today’s camera security systems can monitor several different parts of your home at once, and may even allow you to check in on your house from another device, like a phone, when you’re away. For an extra layer of security, look for a security system that allows you to make emergency calls connected to the system right from your smart phone.

6. Let a Smart Vacuum Keep Your Space Clean

It’s safe to say that vacuuming isn’t anybody’s favorite chore, so why not let modern technology ease your burden a little? Today’s smart vacuums are capable of going around your home and sucking up crumbs, dirt and more from your floors automatically. You may even be able to find vacuum functions built into other smart technology, like smart trash cans that can suck crumbs right into the trash bag directly from the floor. With a smart vacuum, you’ll have one less chore to do to keep your newly upgraded home looking clean and fresh.

Living in a smart home means having your house upgraded with all the modern conveniences you could dream of, from easily adjustable lighting to protective measures like smart smoke detectors and security systems to entertainment-boosting options like smart speakers and much more. If you’ve been dreaming about living in a smart home but you don’t want to move into an entirely new house, you can make your current home feel brand-new by making these six easy, quick changes. Your house is sure to feel modern, updated and more convenient than ever in a flash!

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