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Affordable Summer Renovation Projects to Improve Your Home’s Value

While summer is known as the perfect time to take a sunshine-filled holiday, it is also the most appropriate time to think about home renovations. The two may seem mutually exclusive and few people will want to choose elbow grease over a beach-side getaway. However, there are renovation projects that can be both affordable and completed within only a few days, those which will leave you with the means to escape on a summer vacation after adding extra value to your property.

These projects are essential for the summertime because of their outdoor and exposing nature. While installing new windows is possible during winter, the cold weather is likely to make the project unpleasant for you to perform and for your family to endure. Additionally, taking care of these home improvements during summer will often make sure your home is better equipped for the colder climate, ensuring that it stands up to the harsh winter weather and keeps you safe and warm.

Tame the Landscape

Gardens, while luxurious, can bring about many issues if not maintained properly. Overgrowth alone can lead to unpleasant landscapes, the encouragement of pests, and even structural damage. Many of these issues become exacerbated during the cold weather, with rainfall testing structures more greatly with dampness.

Use the summertime weather to ensure that your garden is in good keeping condition and that any potential issues are resolved. Even a weekend of weeding and replacing decaying structures can prevent damage at a later date.

Build a Retreat

Building your own decadent outbuilding may seem like a time-consuming project, but with the rising popularity of home log cabins, more people are creating themselves a private retreat in their own gardens. These spaces are being used as both rooms to relax and dine within during the mid-year warmth as well as cosy nooks and entertainment spaces on cold winter nights. Part of their popularity is also because of their low cost and simplicity to establish.

Models of annexes and log cabins vary greatly and are only limited by your imagination. However, before you think about building something too adventurous, be sure to check with your local council to learn and consider their regulations.

Repair the Roof

A home’s roof is seldom checked, resulting in surprise leaks and gradual damage. While getting up onto the roof might require a ladder and some safety equipment, the cost and time it takes are far smaller than soon discovering that your attic is become damaged or your pipes are becoming blocked. By giving yourself a single afternoon to fully inspect your roof, repairing any tiles, replacing seals, and clearing your gutter, you can prevent sudden and gradual damage from taking place, events that are far more likely to happen during the winter months.

Lick of Paint

First impressions aren’t just for people, but homes too, which is why a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your home can make a substantial difference to the opinion of potential buyers. High-quality paint that can stand up to the weather may have its price tag but costs can be saved elsewhere, by asking for support from friends with the work. Additionally, repairing your facade gives you the opportunity to get a closer look at your home, highlighting any potential problems.

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