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Brushing Up On Contemporary Rugs History, And How It Affects Today’s Home Décor Industry!

Although most of today’s online rug shoppers don’t consider Contemporary rugs history to be all that important in terms of their home décor shopping, the truth is that the past is often an indicator of what’s to come in the future regarding interior design trends. So understanding the history of modern and contemporary rugs can always go a long ways towards providing references and further understanding in terms of how trends have occurred, and where they may be heading.

Countless benefits have developed in recent decades when it comes to contemporary rug décor, and this very popular rug style is still thriving in 2023. Below is a comprehensive overview detailing the history of contemporary rugs, and why this history is very relevant towards today’s home décor industry!

How Contemporary Rug Designs Developed

The development of any rug style can often be traced back hundreds of years, but contemporary rugs generally developed in the 20th century when many interior designers began taking an avant-garde approach to traditional carpet weaving. This type of modernist movement was largely derived from influential artists like Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and many others.

The modern rug movement only continued to flourish in the mid-20th century and into the latter part of the 80s and 90s. Today in 2023, contemporary and modern rugs are still very popular, and they continue to evolve in countless variations.

What’s particularly intriguing about today’s contemporary rugs is that rug developers have found new materials and manufacturing techniques to make these area rugs more affordable for every household. That’s why you’ll often see modern rugs be hand-tufted or even machine-made, and they’re also commonly made from synthetic materials these days as well.

Contemporary Rugs Are Made From Many Different Materials

One very special feature of contemporary rugs is their versatility in terms of rug materials, which can’t quite be said for other traditional styles like Persian and Oriental rugs. Today’s modern rugs feature a complex variation of durability, texture and visual aesthetics.

Below are some of the most common materials used in today’s contemporary rugs:

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Leather
  • Jute
  • Rayon
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Nylon
  • And many other synthetic fibers

How Contemporary Rugs Have Impacted The Home Décor Industry


Modern and contemporary rugs have become so much more than just home décor pieces in recent years, and this is largely because they tend to offer added elements to a room’s ambience. Some modern rugs will feature neutral tones that help people feel more cozy and relaxed; whereas other modern styles are very bold and speak to a rug owner’s vibrant personality.

Art Deco and other modern styles heavily influenced the creation of contemporary rugs in the 20th century, and today’s rug shoppers are seeing all sorts of variations off of the abstract color schemes and geometric patterns that put this style on the map.

We truly live in a renaissance period for contemporary rug design and shopping, because it’s never been easier to browse through seemingly endless options of area rugs via the Internet. So the entire home décor industry has evolved in recent years due to the emergence of online rug shopping, and contemporary rug developers and manufacturers are making this type of shopping more affordable as well.

Gone are the days in which you needed to spend thousands of dollars just to have a high-quality area rug in your living room, and the emergence of synthetic fibers has made contemporary rug shopping much more affordable as compared to more traditional styles.

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There truly is so much that goes into Contemporary rugs history in terms of how it manifests itself in today’s home décor industry, but designing a room in your home or business from the floor up has never been easier thanks to online shopping.

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