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Coworking Vs Private Office: What To Know When Renting

If you are undecided between a coworking space or renting a private office from 620 N LaSalle coworking, you have come to the right place. Nowadays, due to the times we live in, more and more professionals start their projects or work as freelancers. At some point, it is natural for them to consider renting their own space to free the kitchen table for its proper function. It makes sense. But are you have decided to have your own space to work, which makes more sense: coworking or a private office?

  1. Working Alone Can Be Lonely

This is where your work can interfere with your health—sounding over the top. Spending the day alone at home or in an office, without contact with other people, other lives, other experiences can be very lonely and, in no time, you are depressed and don’t understand why.

  1. Networking

In a coworking space, your personal and professional development benefits through interaction and sharing with others that we learn and grow. It is also the best way to make your company or product known and an excellent place to attract customers.

Furthermore, in a coworking space, you will find professionals from all areas with whom, sooner or later, you can establish a partnership. Today they have breakfast together, tomorrow a dinner, the following week a weekend away and, in a while, they make friends and establish professional contacts for life.

  1. Flexibility

Unlike when you sign a lease for a private office, working in a coworking space does not require a minimum period of stay, termination conditions, or payment of rent in advance. The contracts are short and tailored to their needs.

  1. Costs

Renting a private office entails several fixed costs that can become very heavy on your budget. After all, it is not just about paying rent; it is necessary to furnish the space and pay monthly expenses such as water, energy, internet, or telephone. If you need someone to answer the calls and do some administrative work, you have to add up your salary and expenses related to social security, IRS, work insurance, and others.

  1. Consulting

Naturally, professionals from various areas such as communication, engineering, accounting, languages, commercials, and design are brought together; in short, the list is vast and varied. As in an average work team, in a coworking space, sharing information and skills turns out to be constant. Today, someone will clarify a question for you in an area, not yours; tomorrow, you will help a colleague unlock an idea that he does not want to leave.

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