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Elevate Your Bathroom Oasis: Remodeling Tips and Ideas

Space dedicated to the well-being and the care of the body, the bathroom must all the more be a pleasant space to live that one spends on average 45 minutes per day. How can we transform this often small room without breaking the bank and embarking on time-consuming and embarrassing plumbing work? Discover Zen Renovations tips for radically changing the decor of your bathroom!

  1. Change the tiles and tiles on the wall: easy!

Generally, we do not dare to touch the tiles of the floor or the wall because replacing them is expensive, and the work is complicated and generates a lot of rubble. However, there is a very simple solution to offer you a new floor: adhesive tiles! It simply sits over the original tiling. A little cutting, and that’s it! The advantage is that it comes in many patterns and colors, matching all the styles you want to give to your new bathroom.

  1. Camouflage the piping

If you do not decide to integrate it into a particular style of decoration during bathroom remodeling like bathroom remodeling in washington for example, the piping can quickly spoil your aesthetic research. To camouflage it, several very varied solutions are available to you. The simplest is to install green plants in front. Your bathroom will gain a natural side that perfectly matches this room, where certain tropical plants flourish particularly well.

The second possibility is to paint the pipes. They will, therefore, match your decor and go unnoticed. Finally, you can make formwork. A minimum of handyman tools is then required, but you can take the opportunity to insert additional storage: practical!

  1. Change your faucets

Transforming your bathroom also involves details. By modifying your faucet elements, you build a bathroom that suits you. Some equipment, such as the vanity basin or shower head, is very easy to change. If you still have a mixer tap, perhaps it is time to upgrade to a mixer tap or install a real shower cubicle in place of your old curtain. Or even exchange your classic shower column for a new one offering more relaxing jets.

  1. Vary the lighting effects in your bathroom

The more lighting sources you have, the more you can create different ambiances that correspond to your current occupation in the bathroom. Are you doing your makeup? It’s better to be able to count on lights stuck to the mirror to see clearly and achieve successful makeup. Are you taking advantage of a moment of calm to take a bath and relax? Focus on ambient lighting with colored LEDs.

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