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Ever Wondered What a Steampunk Bedroom Would Look Like?

Let’s face it. We’re all guilty of spending too much time in our bedrooms, from work to play, most of our day revolves around this critical area of the house. And while there isn’t anything inherently wrong about that (apart from feeding our laziness), staring at the same walls, furniture, and interior day in and day out must get very boring.

So, if you’re like us and have begun to loathe walking into the same dull bedroom over and over again, then we have just the treat for you. This creative project goes out to all sci-fi fans who can’t get over the beauty of steam power and the Victorian era. Today we’ll be learning how you can turn that simple bedroom into a steampunk safe haven!

Embrace The Aesthetic

To give you a TL;DR, steampunk revolves around the aesthetic of the Victorian Era looks and the prominence of steam-powered machines. And in the spirit of science fiction, it takes these seemingly antique items and combines them with futuristic themes. Hence, all the cool-looking gadgets, unique clothing, eye-catching top hats, and the occasional ray guns and steam-powered airships.

So, when accepting this quest to give your bedroom a total steampunk makeover, you must learn to embrace the aesthetic before taking the first step. The last thing you’ll want to happen is being halfway done, but you’re unsure of the design.

With that said, here’s what you need to do:

#1 Give Your Walls Some Love

When faced with any interior work, your first order of business is giving your walls some love. Since they make up the largest surface area of your room, this first step will make the most significant change. Plus, sometimes, all it takes is a little TLC to reinvigorate and bring back life into our safe space.

  • Blank Canvas: If you’re looking to go all out, consider painting over your walls to get a blank canvas. You’ll get to experiment with color, and it opens up more opportunities to unleash your creativity. We suggest sticking to sepia, brown, and rustic shades to give you a broad template.
  • Look For a Design: If painting isn’t your thing, then an inexpensive yet equally effective alternative is looking for a wallpaper design that reflects the steampunk essence. This option won’t take as much work and will give you a general pattern to work around. We suggest sticking to Victorian designs and patterns that work around the same color palette mentioned above.

#2 Vintage Furniture

Next on your list is filling up space, which means you’ll need to start looking into vintage furniture. While the walls will set the mood, your furniture will complete the look, and no steampunk bedroom could ever pass without its fair share of steampunk-looking items.

  • The Main Dish: Your bed is the centerpiece, and if your room we’re a meal, then this piece of furniture represents the main course. The bed frame is where all the magic goes and if you can afford to get a new frame, then consider those made of metal and with intricate designs. However, you’re free to work on making your current bed frame look more vintage. The mattress can stay; you don’t have to go overboard and look for an old foam to sleep on. 
  • Complimentary Furnishings: Apart from your bed, your drawers, cabinets, tables, and chairs will also need some loving. Peculiar items you can work with include steamer trunks, exposed cogs, and the like. Ensure that your furnishings compliment the look and match your bed.

#3 Decor is Everything

Lastly, to make your steampunk bedroom come full-circle, you’ll need to look for some decor to complete the look. Leaving it at furniture alone will make your room appear bland and always feel like it’s missing something, so don’t pass up on this crucial last step.

  • Adding Art: A great way to add personality into a steampunk room is with artwork, and this can range from free-standing items to vintage paintings you can hang up on your walls. And if you’ve got the tool to the job, you can also consider welding together some unique items. 
  • Unique Items: From metal globes to unique clocks, the list of steampunk items you can add to your room keeps going. Leatherwork will also make a great choice as the texture compliments the steampunk aesthetic. You might also want model airships for display, but do note you can’t go wrong with any mix of cogs, rivets, and gears put together.

A Creative Project You Won’t Regret

With all this time spent at home, trying out this creative project is the perfect way to get the gears moving and come up with something you’ll love. And if you think a steampunk design will make your bedroom feel a lot cozier, then we support you taking the sci-fi step forward!

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