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Everything About How To Pack Furniture And Appliances When Moving

First, you should check if the furniture must be disassembled. Wardrobes, shelves, and specific tables do not resist transport when carried out without dismantling. This way, in addition to saving space on the truck, you guarantee that it will arrive in one piece. Usually, moving companies offer this service included in the budget, but always check it out.

Also, permanently remove the glass and mirrors. These should be wrapped in bubble wrap and cardboard. Also, it would help if you secured doors and drawers with tape or a piece of string. When moving the furniture, they can open, break or even hurt the person carrying out the transport.

Protect The Corners

In short, a move involves transporting furniture and appliances along the corridors of your house and building until they arrive in the truck and then to your new residence. During this displacement, unforeseen events can happen, and you can end up hitting the corner on a wall. As the impact is concentrated on this end, the damage will be apparent, and in the case of glass, it can even break the entire piece.

To avoid this, place the glass or furniture on a flat surface.   First, fold the cardboard protecting the corner and then pass two to three turns of bubble wrap. It is also necessary to reinforce it with adhesive tape to prevent the protection from coming loose during transport.

Home Appliance Doors And TV Front

First of all, the care with these areas of your belongings must be the same as that of window and furniture corners. Bubble wrap will not always be enough to prevent damage after a fall or an unforeseen event during transport.

First, place a layer of cardboard specific for transport in front of refrigerators, stoves, cellars, and on top of the washing machine. Cut a cardboard moving box and make a thick protective layer if you don’t have it. Roll the bubble wrap and then secure everything with a few tape loops. Attention, don’t forget to write or paste a fragile sticker on the front of the item.

Mattresses And Sofas

As with other furniture care, these items must be packed with care. For mattresses, protect the entire base of the mattress (the side on which it will rest on the floor) with cardboard or cardboard. The rest and the sofas should be wrapped in four layers of bubble wrap on average. This way, in addition to protecting against tears, it will insulate from dirt and dust during transport. Very important, don’t skimp on the packaging; a small tear in your sofa or mattress could cost a lot more. Click for more info

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