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How Much Does Exterior House Painting Cost?

Preparation time, home size, and paint quality are the three primary determinants of the total cost of an exterior house painting project. The colors you select and the going rate for painters in your area will also play an important part in the final price tag for painting outside your home. The recent paint material price increases can be attributed to the pandemic-caused paint shortage across the industry. As a result, popular paint brands are hard to come by, including Sherwin Williams, Behr, and Benjamin Moore. Because of this, the price per gallon of paint has risen by 10% to 30% over the past year across the United States.

In light of that, this house paint cost guide is to assist you in determining the most current and precise exterior House painting in Kansas City cost feasible. We’ll go through what you may expect to spend on exterior painting this year, whether you’re a homeowner or a painting contractor. Click here for more information.

How Much Does Exterior House Painting in Kansas City Cost

To paint the exterior of a house in Kansas City can cost anything from $1.20 to $2.90 per square foot. Costs for exterior house painting can vary from $1,200 to $14,700. Houses under 2,500 square feet make up the lower end of the range, while those above 5,000 square feet make up the upper end (over 2,500-SF).

Factors Influencing Price of House Painting in Kansas City

The painters you call for an estimate will consider several variables that can significantly alter the final price tag. The job’s scope, the house’s height, and the quantity of paint needed are all factors that will influence the final house painting in Kansas City cost project. The following are some considerations:

Your House Painting in Kansas City Costs  can be Greater

⦁            When there are multiple stories in the house

⦁            The amount of paint needed for the project is substantial.

⦁            The entire exterior of the house has to be painted.

⦁            An unpainted brick has to be painted.

⦁            There are several angles and architectural elements on the surface being painted.

⦁            The building is located in an expensive area.

⦁            High-quality paint is used.

⦁            It takes more than one coat of paint to finish.

⦁            The task necessitates extensive painting preparation (taping, etc.).

⦁            The residence is challenging to get to the location (it requires travel or has difficult access and parking).

Your House Painting Costs Could be Less When

⦁            The home has only one story.

⦁            You only need to paint a few things on the exterior.

⦁            The building is situated in a less expensive city.

⦁            One paint can do for the project.

⦁            The paint is commonplace.

⦁            It only needs one coat of paint.

⦁            The house’s architectural elements are straightforward.

⦁            The undertaking is a component of a new building venture (requires minimal taping and covering).

Factors That Affect Exterior House painting in Kansas City Cost

Here are some of the factors that affect the price of an exterior house painting in Kansas City;

Setting Up

The amount it will cost to paint your house will greatly influence its state. Preparing your home for painting requires additional work if you want your outside painting project to be high-quality and long-lasting. Costs rise as preparation efforts increase. Whenever a house painter does not complete the necessary preparation and spray directly over the peeling paint, the new paint will definitely start to peel. Peeling paint is only one aspect of preparation. Caulking can significantly increase the prep work required to prepare a project for exterior painting.


Do your windows have storm windows, wooden frames, or both? If the windows are covered in vinyl or metal, we don’t paint them; instead, we tape and cover them with plastic to prevent overspray. The least expensive choice is this. Old wooden windows that need painting will significantly increase the cost of your project. All windows are sprayed with a unique solution that primes the wood but doesn’t adhere to the glass. After painting the windows with exterior paint, we have to go back and completely remove the paint off the glass panes. Fortunately, the primer we use simplifies this, although depending on how many windows you have, this could add significantly to the cost. The most expensive and difficult to deal with windows are storm windows. If you want the storm windows taken off, we will carefully remove them all, paint the wooden windows underneath as previously mentioned, and then replace all of the storm windows. A painting project will cost significantly more if storm windows are removed.


Most of the time, when we paint a house, we only paint the trim’s face on the front. Any home built after the 1990s will typically have this, which makes painting easier and more cost-effective. Customers occasionally ask us to paint the trim on the sides and back of their homes so they can add color to those areas. This raises the price of the project. Wrapping the edges is the most expensive part of painting the trim. If your home requires a lot of trim, it will take a lot of time and significantly increase the cost to complete this task by hand using a brush.

Putrid Wood

The cost of this project is highly dependent on how much wood rot is found and has to fix before we can paint it.

Size and Complexity

The height of your home and the difficulty of getting supplies to it both play a role in the overall price tag. If your home has three stories or more, we need to use our tallest extension ladders. Since this increases the potential for harm, we must proceed cautiously. Flat lots make it simple to set up and move our ladders around your property. If your property is on an incline, we’ll need to take more time to properly level our ladders before we begin work on your home. When it comes to difficulty/danger/cost, steeper slopes are worse.


Home Advisor estimates that house painting in Kansas City costs $1.50 to $4 per square foot to paint a house exterior. How much you’ll pay depends on the complexity of the job, and how accessible your location is.

Undoubtedly, it is much more challenging to paint a multi-story home in Kansas City because it takes specific ladders and equipment. Furthermore, painting the exterior of a multi-story house is substantially more perilous. Painting your home can be a major hassle. House painting in Kansas City is a lengthy process that begins even before the brush touches the wall. There is color selection, material procurement, protection of furnishings, repair of damaged drywall, cleaning of walls, and priming to complete. If you hire a professional house painter in Kansas City, they will do all the hard work for you, transforming your house into the one you’ve always wanted.

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