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How Often Should Pest Control be Performed?

Typical visits from your community exterminator encompass inspections for improvements or indications and warnings of pest activity, checking for infestations, and placing preventive measures in the area to reduce pest populations. 

With regular visits, even when pests aren’t actively visible, pest control specialists have the skills to investigate the infrastructure of your construction or facility and search for new pest-associated threats. 

In addition, regular visits truly assist in keeping pest control fees lower.

For residences and homes, we advocate everyday pest control remedies on a quarterly basis, or maybe bi-month-to-month, to adequately keep common pests at bay or whilst you move into a brand new home or apartment. 

For extra critical infestations, month-to-month remedies over the course of three to six months are advisable. However, your location, building size, climate conditions, time of year, and type of pests can all affect the recommended treatment frequency.

How Long Does a Pest Control Treatment Last?

General pest control remedy—for spiders, moths, roaches, silverfish, tablet insects (roly-polies), etc.—lasts several months and works best when performed quarterly.

A critical infestation of ants calls for month-to-month visits and is essential for 3 to 6 months, depending on the scope of the issue and its remedy.

Overall, the frequency of your pest control treatment for your private home or commercial enterprise relies upon your location, your private home or commercial enterprise size, the weather (which includes rain), and the sorts of pests since not all pests are equally affected by the same treatments.

Do New Homes Need Pest Control?

Yes, and here’s why:

  • Newly constructed houses may also have cracks or gaps alongside the foundation, letting pests come in.
  • Your building is open to the elements at some stage in the long period of the development process, giving pests a smooth entry into your household.
  • Many of the constructing substances utilized in domestic creation are stored in open and regularly damp situations prior to being used.
  • Sometimes bugs have already been within the construction materials.
  • Insects are drawn to the excessive moisture tiers in a brand new domestic.
  • New houses are regularly constructed in regions that have been cleared, disrupting the dirt, brush, grass, and bushes where many pests have been living, causing them to scatter.
  • Leftover wood scraps entice termites.
  • Food scraps can entice fruit flies.
  • Accumulations of sawdust at the back of partitions can develop mildew, and plenty of pests feed on molds and mildew.


Services like those from the Austin, TX Pest Control team focus on deterrence, from ants to termites to rodents, so you never have to think about pest infestations in your home.

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