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How to determine when you should call a Pest Exterminator 

Do you wonder about the signs to determine if your house is infested with pests? Go through the following tips outlined by an Austin pest exterminator for determining if your home has a pest problem. 

  • Different kinds of sounds 

Rest assured that you are not going crazy or imagining things, but the scratching sound you hear can be made by a rodent in the attic, basement, or in the dark corners of the house. It could be termites moving around inside the walls during the night. 

Moreover, adding to the different kinds of sounds you hear in your house, the most common would be squealing, squeaking, flapping, scurrying, and whining. These strange noises could occur inside your house and disturb your comfort. A pest control company would ensure that you do not hear such sounds disturbing your precious sleep. 

  • Strange smells in the house 

If you are picking up an odd odor lately, the chances can be higher that your house has a pest infestation. Such a foul and musty odor can occur from the droppings or urine of these unwelcome guests. 

You might also smell a rodent’s nest inclusive of decayed and rotten food. These pests would use household items for creating their nests. It would be inclusive of scraps from the garbage cans or crumbs under the table. Such food items would not take much time to turn moldy and stinky. 

You could also pick up the scent of decaying or dead pests in your house. If a pest dies within the walls of your house, it could be relatively difficult to pinpoint exactly where the smell is coming from. However, a trained pest exterminator could be of assistance here. 

  • Visible sightings 

At times, the proof would be right before your eyes. If you see a rodent scurry under the sink, you would know about dealing with a rodent infestation. You might wish to pull back your sheets to find bed bugs crawling near the edge of your mattress. If your house has an ant infestation, you might notice numerous ants crawling along the shelves in your pantry. 

You might also come across several pests such as dead bugs around the house or also find discarded body parts from molting insects. These are apparent signs that the time to call a pest control company has become imminent. It might be unpleasant not to deal with untreated issues, as it would only further worsen the damage.

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