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How to keep a basement dry

With the approach of the rainy seasons, several homeowners start struggling to keep their basements dry. Wet basements may not always cause serious problems. However, when you have kept your basement wet for a long period, it will damage your property and pose health risks. You can hire certified water damage restoration professionals during emergencies. But, before calling them, you have to take some important steps to keep up the best condition of your basement

Know the source of water –

Rainwater is not the only source of basement water. Lack of ventilation, condensation, humidity and leaking pipes are other potential factors causing this problem.

When you have felt some musty smell and noticed any crack, you have to find the source of this issue. After solving the problem, you can waterproof the basement throughout the year.

 Keep the cold water pipes insulated –

There are several reasons for insulating water pipes running along the basements. Insulation of hot water pipes ensures conservation of energy. Do not let the water heater overwork. You can do it by insulating cold water pipes.

Insulation will prevent your pipes from getting frozen when the temperature level is low. Moreover, it prevents the condensation issue while the air has high humidity. Due to the humid basement, you will find sweating on the cold water pipes. Mostly, the dark and enclosed space has dampness. It is the perfect condition for mold growth.

 Check your landscaping – It must not damage your foundation –

Water accumulation on the landscape can cause a number of issues. You may have built your house without considering the surrounding slope. Moreover, the slope gets changed with time. You have to check your foundation during the rainy season. When you find the landscape slope not directing the water away from your house, you must re-grade your landscape. The best trick for you is to surround your house with rocks and gravels. It will help in the absorption of moisture.

Ensure better ventilation –

A high level of basement humidity is the cause of mold and mildew growth. Control this humidity by installing a dehumidifier. Furthermore, the dryer should vent the air outside. On the sunny days, fresh air should be circulated through the window.

Use a sump pump –

Sump pumps are the best device to save your basement from moisture. Some homeowners use basements as their living zones, while others use the space as the workout room. Thus, it is important to keep the space dry. Install a reliable sump pump.

Gutters should work properly –

You might have overlooked your rain gutter system. Gutters are one of the parts of your drainage system. They prevent the rainwater from flowing to your foundation. Downspouts also prevent the formation of puddles near your foundation. You have to keep these components in the right shape.

You can follow these tips on keeping the basement dry. To get more valuable information, you can consult with your moisture damage repair specialists. They will provide you with the best solution.

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