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How To Temporarily Repair A Window?

A broken window is a problem that can occur anytime: a clumsy gesture, a fall in the wrong place, or a ball that goes astray. The reasons can be many. While waiting to call a professional such as Apex Window Werks for instance who will change the glass, you must start repairing it to avoid drafts. Focus on the solutions available to you.

A Temporary Repair Thanks To Polyene Paper

The polyene paper makes it possible to deal quickly and effectively with the problem of window sill repair. It is a flexible, resistant, translucent material that is perfect for isolating the window from wind and cold. It is used in acoustic and thermal insulation.

Prepare Your Work Area

Remove any glass that might come off. The easiest way is to put some newspaper on the floor under the window and break the glass that is still there with a hammer. Removing the pieces still in the frame with pliers is also possible. Removing the tips stuck in the sealant is also necessary if you have single glazing; this often happens. Remove large chunks of glass by hand and vacuum any shards on the floor and frame.

Work On The Frame:

Carefully remove the gasket or sealant. You can do this with a simple scraper. Then, brush off all the dust with a clean brush when you’re done.

Laying Polyene Paper:

When your window frame is completely clean and dusted, you can put your polyene paper. Here are the steps to follow:

Take the dimensions of the broken glass and transfer them to the paper to cut it out. Try to keep a margin of 5 cm in width and height; leaving this margin for error is always better.

Then cut 4 strips of cardboard one centimeter wide, two strips to the height dimension, and two to the width.

Take a strip equivalent to the width and surround it with polyene paper; one turn is enough.

Put it on the width in height by nailing it if the frame is in wood and taping it if the frame of the window is in PVC.

Do the same thing on all the heights and the width of the bottom of the frame.

While removing the remaining glass, do not forget to put on sufficiently thick protective gloves and protective glasses, and protect your feet with thick shoes. A roll of paper of this type is worth around thirty euros and is easily found in DIY stores.

Emergency Solution: The Wooden Panel

If you don’t have polyene film, don’t panic, you can protect your window with plywood or hard fiber panel. It just needs to be thin enough. Here is how to proceed in this case:

  • Measure the opening correctly and transfer these measurements to the plywood panel
  • Then cut your panel with a cutter so that it is the right size
  • Position the panel correctly in the opening
  • Carefully secure the panel in the opening with nails, called man’s head nails
  • It is also possible to fix it with a very weatherproof adhesive tape to stick it to the rebate inside the frame
  • You can then wait in peace for the intervention of the professional

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