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Priority Home Maintenance You Can Handle on Your Own

In an age filled with lockdowns and overwhelming amounts of information, it’s a surprise if the upkeep of your home is maintained. Indeed, in the devastating amount of stress these times bring, it would be a wonder if your own home is still in great shape. Stress and anxiety can lead to depression. Depression, on the other hand, can lead to completely disregarding your hygiene, hoarding, and other clinically diagnosed symptoms that affect your home environment.

Priority repairs are always present in everyone’s homes. There’s still something that could be done to improve the way you live. People have been so caught up with working themselves to death that it is forgivable to miss a few house repairs here and there. Now that you are placed back inside your homes for an indefinite amount of time while everyone battles the pandemic, you finally have the time to do those repairs. What are the top things you should take care of when repairing/maintaining your home?

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide poisoning is no joke. On average, around 400 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning in the U.S. every year. While 50,000 are hospitalized for the same causes.

If you remember the news that made headlines a few years ago, four American tourists tragically died while vacationing in Mexico because of the homeowner’s negligence. It was found that they died in their sleep while in an Airbnb because of carbon monoxide poisoning. Installing the needed carbon monoxide detectors, especially if you live in an urban neighborhood, is essential to maintain your peace of mind. You’ll never know when you might need it until it is too late.

Internet Wiring

In ages past, probably even before the time you took a home loan to purchase your own home, houses were not built to run internet cables and LAN ports all around the house.

Smart homes were probably not a thing when most modern dwellings were first built. Internet wiring involving fiber cables can get ugly. Internet connection is such a sacred utility right now that any damage to it would spell catastrophe for your home life. It is now considered a human right for people to have access to the Internet. Almost all things are now operated under the internet. Installing wiring under your walls will ensure that your internet connection is protected from any untoward incidents.

Security System

Repairing or maintaining a security system will protect your home and property from any person who has ill intent towards you and your family. Aside from an insurance deduction, it is an excellent crime deterrent. It allows you to have a visual of the perimeter and the inside of your homes. Aside from that, once you have installed your own security system, it requires very little to almost no maintenance.

Cleaning Gutters

Cleaning, repairing, and maintaining your gutters should be the top priority for any homeowner. Most gutters are filled with leaves, dead animals and insects, and debris. Great are the chances that water will overflow and damage parts of the house where water is not supposed to be. Foundations are notoriously easily damaged by faulty gutter overflows. Also, fungi and mold can quickly build upon moist gutters. These can trigger sickness and other allergies. Save more money by doing your gutter maintenance on the regular.

Climate Control

Vacuuming your cushions is a regular maintenance activity you must do while in quarantine; so is maintaining and repairing your home climate control. Living in one temperate country has its ups and downs. Unfortunately, for most of us, controlling the temperature and climate inside our home is a constant battle. Many homes have very complicated climate control systems that are an inconvenience to maintain and clean up. Prioritize cleaning and repairing its nooks and crannies while you have the time and chance. You don’t want anything happening to your climate control system while in a lockdown.


Lastly, if you have more time, maintaining and scraping off weather damage to your roof is the easy repairs you can do to your house. Nothing endures against regular weather cycles. Even if your roofing is durable, rain, hail, snow, and the sun can damage and crack your roof. Keeping the roof on the list of things to look out for may save you more time in the long run. Roofing is one of the most damaged parts in any home, according to inspectors. Leaks can easily damage the inside of your house.

Now that you have time to pick up the tools, you must do what you must to make your sanctuary a livable space. Maintaining them by yourself is not that hard. With a little research, you can do wonders.

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