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Property Managers: Owners Should Pay Attention To This When Searching And Contracting

Anyone who decides on a property manager – or is looking for a new property manager – should proceed systematically with the selection. Owners can find out here which tasks the property manager takes on and what needs to be considered in the management contract.

Some homeowners’ associations are convinced that it’s best to do all the administrative work yourself; it is advisable to appoint a professional property manager. And it can also make sense for rental house owners to hire a professional for administrative tasks because a professional property manager knows his stuff and takes care of all the owner’s concerns.

Scope Of Administration

There is no fixed catalog of services that a manager must provide – his tasks are regulated in the management contract. Therefore, clients should study the details of the contract carefully and, if in doubt, ask questions. It is also possible to agree that the administrator only performs part of the work, but the owner himself does another part. For example, it can be agreed with an apartment building manager that the manager takes care of new rentals. However, the owner can contractually exclude this and then look for new tenants.

A property manager such as Keyrenter Houston Property Management Company has many tasks: He also has to record defects in the property and see to it that a specialist craftsman rectifies them. Photo: Karin & Uwe Annas/Fotolia

Is He A Member Of An Association?

Anyone who wants to be accepted as an administrator in one of the professional associations must have a minimum of professional qualifications. A membership in an association can therefore be a criterion for the fact that it is a reputable provider.

Can The Property Manager Provide References?

In addition to being able to ask other owners about their experiences, you should also ask for references yourself.

What Is Its Position In The Market?

How long a property management company has been established on the market, and the number of managed units can be criteria for the professionalism of the management. Administrators with a very large number of units often specialize in larger objects. Conversely, fewer managed units do not indicate poor quality: numerous professional administrators have specialized in smaller objects and often manage fewer units.

Does The Property Management Work Close To The Property?

It is advantageous if the property management is based in close proximity to the property. No matter how good the manager maybe, if the property is far away, it will be difficult for him to act regularly on site.

How Transparent Is The Property Management Contract Offer?

A manager’s offer should list all services and costs clearly and transparently. In particular, it should be clear which services are covered by a flat-rate fee and which additional services are billed separately.

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