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Questions You Need To Ask When Buying A Wall Bed

Purchasing a wall bed can be difficult, especially if you’ve never bought it before. Worse still, lack of knowledge may plunge you into unimaginable trouble. The benefits of buying a wallbed are numerous. These beds may help you create space in your room and give your home a stylish look. It may also offer extra sleeping space for visiting guests.

When going to a store to purchase this piece of furniture, you should arm yourself with questions to ask your vendor. That way, you won’t be a victim of false promises. These questions will also help you get the best value for your money.

Here are some questions you should ask a wall bed company:

  1. What Size Options Do You Have?

Wall beds are developed in various sizes, namely twin, king, queen, and full. Each type is tailored for a specific space. For example, king sizes are best for rooms with ample horizontal hall space because they’re heavy. Queen beds can be ideal for smaller rooms because they give sleeping space for two individuals. With them in the room, you can add other things like cabinets to enhance storage.

Full-sized beds can accommodate two people but aren’t comfortable as the queen bed, while twin beds are popularly used in guestrooms and kids’ bedrooms. The purpose of buying this bed will direct you to the appropriate size to select.

  1. What’s The Best Fold Type?

Wall beds have two main types of folds, namely the horizontal and vertical. The type you select depends on the amount of space you have. If you have enough floor space and high ceilings, go for the vertical fold.

On the other hand, if you have less floor space and a low ceiling, a horizontal bed would be the best option. If you don’t know how to measure your space, the dealer can give you some suggestions to help you decide on the best type to select.

  1. Do You provide Installation Services?

Installing a murphy bed can be challenging because of its installation mechanisms. It may not be easy to install it on your own. So, ensure that you buy a bed from a dealer who offers installation services. If you’re smart enough, you can ask for a manual to help you install your bed. However, you may need a second person to assist you to do the installation.

  1. Does The Bed Have A Warranty?

Because buying a murphy bed is a large investment, you need to know if it has a warranty. Warranties can help to cover damages that occur within a certain period after you’ve made the purchase.

Most companies will replace it or fix it for you without charging you extra fees. However, some companies don’t offer warranty services. Therefore, ensure you select a company linked to a reliable manufacturer. Factories offer 5-year warranties.

Final Words

It may be expensive to buy a wall bed. That’s why you need to ensure that you’re getting the best deal for your money. However, that can happen if you know the right questions to ask a dealer. These questions can help you buy the right bed that’ll serve your needs.

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