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Simple Storage Hacks for Small Homes

Small homes are cozy and quaint but come with one large drawback: lack of storage. It can be difficult to create enough storage for all of your items in a small home, which can result in clutter and a constant mess. That means it’s time to get creative!

Maximizing storage is all about finding the right hacks to fill any wasted space, so every inch of your home serves a functional purpose. Follow some of these awesome storage hacks if you’re struggling with fitting all of your items into a small space.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

A great way to maximize the small amount of space you do have is with multi-purpose furniture. For example, your sectional sofa with an ottoman can actually double as storage for extra blankets and pillows. You can buy a coffee table that lifts up and doubles as a work desk. These also typically come with storage inside for your work from home essentials.

Vertical Storage

Since smaller homes don’t have tons of floor space, vertical storage is the way to go. This can be floating shelves or tall bookcases or bedroom chests. Extending your storage space upwards allows you to fit more items into the same amount of room.

Drawer Organizers

We often focus on finding storage solutions for the larger items in our home and forget about the small trinkets that can pile up and cause clutter on surfaces. The best way to avoid this is by using drawer organizers to separate everything and make things easy to find and put away. No more digging through one drawer for 20 minutes trying to find your scrunchie or favorite metal straw. With drawer organizers, you can ensure that everything has a distinct place, which makes it easier to stay tidy.

Under Bed Storage

Utilizing wasted space is key when maximizing storage, and the space under our bed is often wasted. You can buy short and wide bins that will fit under your bed for items you don’t need every day. This can be extra linens, holiday-themed décor, or summer/winter clothing when it’s not in season.

Door Hanging Organizers

Another commonly wasted space is the back of doors. Luckily, door-hanging organizers make it easy to utilize this space, and they can typically hold a lot of items. Use them in your bedroom closet to store shoes, hats, or scarves. Use them in the utility closet for cleaning supply storage. This frees up extra space in the closets in your home for things that need to go on shelves.

Functional Décor

In small homes, there’s often no space for solely decorative décor. So, make sure all of your décors also serve a purpose. Some great options for functional décor are candles, books, tray tables, lamps, aesthetically pleasing perfume or makeup bottles, and mirrors.

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