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Snow Removal Operation: What You Need To Know

During the winter, driving on the road is sometimes complicated. Indeed, snow can block the road and prevent all traffic. Therefore, snow removal for earth development is necessary. This operation consists of removing all the snow likely to disrupt the traffic conditions for cars and pedestrians. In this article, you will find out how a snow removal operation works.

Some Important Points To Know

Each snow removal company has specific methods for carrying out the work. However, there are some essential things to know about this operation:

  • Snow removal begins when the accumulation of snow exceeds 2.5 cm;
  • A snow removal contract covers the entire snow period;
  • The snow-cleared area must be inside the stakes that have been installed beforehand;
  • The snow removal company must make a first visit to adapt the site;
  • Customers must protect items that may be damaged in areas where the snow removal operation will take place;
  • Infrastructure damaged by operators must be repaired when spring arrives;
  • Access to areas to be cleared must be accessible, and cars must be clear. They must be outside the parking lot before 10 am.

How To Contribute To Snow Removal Operations?

Residents can make their contribution to facilitating the work of snow removal operators. For an easy intervention, it is recommended to adopt the following gestures:

  • Do not park at the curb overnight;
  • Make sure that no bulky items are on the sidewalks;
  • Ensure that vehicles are well parked and do not infringe on sidewalks;
  • Minimize travel during the period of heavy snowfall;
  • Do not drive in the snow slopes.

How Does Snow Removal Work?

In general, a snow removal operation is classified as follows:

  • Spreading: for an accumulation of snow less than 5 cm, this operation is the most appropriate. This involves spreading the abrasive and the product on the primary and secondary arteries.
  • Clearing: for an accumulation of snow more significant than 5 cm, clearing must be done to push the snow to the edge of the streets;
  • Signage: for an accumulation of snow of around 15 cm, temporary signage should be installed indicating to residents that parking on public roads between 5 pm and 8 am is prohibited;
  • Loading: this operation makes it possible to remove the accumulated snow and transport it to a specific deposit site.

As for the snow removal procedure, it can be done according to these two cases:

Precipitation Begins In The Middle Of The Night

The first round of snow removal must free the Andean snow deposited by the snowplows after their passage so that the inhabitants of the district can get out of their cars and go to their activities. Therefore, vehicles must leave the parking lot before 10 am in morning. The snow removal procedure ends before 5 am on weekdays and 6 am on weekends. For information, this intervention is done regularly until the end of the precipitation.

Precipitation Begins During The Day.

When the snow begins to thicken during the day, the snow removal operation must begin immediately. The goal is to clear snow from all parking lots as many times as necessary. Moreover, these parking lots must be cleared of snow before the residents return to activities.

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