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The 4 Stages to Building your Dream Home

It is something that every person wishes to see at some stage of their life, and when you do reach that day when you are finally in a position to commission your dream home, it is an exciting time. Many Australians have raised a family and with no more need for the large family home, they decide to sell up and build their dream home for their retirement, and who could blame them? Brisbane is a lovely place to build your retirement home, with warm weather year-round and stunning natural beauty, and if you are looking to do just that, here are the four stages of the project, and what’s more, there are companies that handle the entire process from sourcing the land to handing over the keys.

  • Sourcing land – If you have suburbs in mind, or a particular location that you’d like to live, the specialist one-stop builder such as, would begin their search, which would leave you with quite a list of potentials. Some might be bare plots of land, while others have a structure in place, and with your best interests at heart, the builder would help you to choose the best plot of land.
  • Designing the Home – In-house architects who are skilled at creating other people’s ideal home are ready and willing to turn your concept into workable drawings, and they love a challenge. You can design a truly unique home, or use one of the many design templates, which can be tweaked, allowing you complete freedom.
  • Building the Property – The company would have their own team of tradespeople who are directly employed, plus they have all the heavy machinery they need and can demolish and remove, when required. They are happy to work to your timeline when possible and can have the house finished within 4-5 months of signing the contract.
  • The Legalities – These include the land title deeds, the stamp duty and other legal costs, plus they will liaise with local authorities to gain the necessary permits and plan approval. Of course, you, the client, are always kept up to date regarding the project, and the more interested you are in the build, the happier they are.

If you are ready to build the home of your dreams, look no further than the one-stop builder who handles the entire project.

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