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The best ways to decorate a home

It is the small things that make the difference when it comes to decorating your home. In a jiffy, you will find out the most cost-effective ways to decorate your home and make a good impression.

Start with your Front Door

As the saying goes “first impression matters”, make a good impression with the front door. Paint the front door with a glossy hue color. That way, you will keep your visitors guessing what the inside will look like. In other words, choose very bright colors like orange or yellow.

Paint walls with Light and Neutral Colors

Usually, décor experts advise that the inner walls of the home should be painted with light o neutral colors. The advantage of using light and neutral colors is the flexibility it offers. With neutral colors, you can switch up your accessories easily.

Arrange your furniture

To make your sitting room more inviting, arrange it like a hotel lobby. The chairs and sofa should be arranged in a way that will invite conversation. Aim for a sense of balance and intimacy when you are arranging the chairs and sofa in your sitting room. The U shape arrangement is preferable. You can also arrange your living room so that your books, travel souvenirs and various photos and objects can be visible to everyone. You can for instance install a library on the wall next to the sofa, to make the room more interresting. You can add books in it, but also decorate it with objects and travel souvenirs such as russian dolls, or figurines.

  • Hang an artistic map of your favorite city on the wall

You like to travel, and you want to make the memories of your trip unforgettable? You can find an original solution by hanging an artistic map of your favorite city on your home’s walls. Mapiful is an online store, allowing you to personalize the maps of the countries, cities or even neighboorhoods you visited, and make it into a poster. You can order an artistic map of a city, or a star map of the sky, so you can observe your favorite constellations everyday in your room.

Let the Kitchen Shine Bright

Your kitchen is supposed to shine bright and not dim or dark. It is preferable to leave your bank of windows naked. You don’t need window blinds in your kitchen. Make your kitchen the brightest part of the house.

  • Hang Mirrors

Most experienced interior decorators always advise homeowners to hand at least one mirror in each room. As much as it seems too much but mirrors have a way of brightening the room. You can hang the mirror in an area where it will reflect light.

  • Artwork hanging level

The best height to hang artwork is at eye level. When the artwork is too far above, it doesn’t add the beauty that you are aiming for. Besides, artworks ought to be admired and not just seen.

Wrapping Up

Make these few changes and you will see a huge change in your home. Besides, to make a difference in your home décor, you don’t necessarily need too much money.

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