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The Five Best Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your Home

Thinking about a kitchen or bathroom remodel? Want to invest in room addition? Here are the five best ways to add value to your home.

We all want to better our quality of life. The simplest way to achieve a better quality of life is by upgrading our living conditions. The space that you call your own has such a significant impact on your mental and emotional wellbeing. The nicer it is and the better it suits our personalities, the more we look forward to coming home at the end of a hard working day.

Wanting to upgrade your home is therefore a natural part of boosting your mental and emotional well-being. It makes sense that we should make the most of the space that we live in. We want it to be clean and tidy, but we also want to make home additions that boost the overall value of our houses. Home buying is an investment. We want to increase this investment wherever we can.

Top Five Best Upgrades That Will Increase the Value of Your Home

Keeping in mind that we aim to upgrade the value of our existing homes, here are some upgrades that will help you achieve this.

1 – An interior and exterior coat of paint

Did you know that painting the interior walls of your property has an ROI of greater than 100%? This is one of the key tactics used by real estate agents. Walls that have been painted do not look tacky or grubby. They severely impact a buyer’s decision to buy a property. If you paint your exterior walls, you get a similar return for your investment, but you also boost the curb appeal of your property[i]. This does two things. Elevates the entire neighbourhood and makes those neighbours jealous.

2 – The full refurbishment

Say you just inherited a property, or you have bought an old house, but the interior does not match the exterior. A whole house refurbishment could be the best plan here. Although pricey in nature, a whole house refurbishment allows you to start from the top and work your way down to the bottom. This is best used in houses whose electrics are old or who need their plumbing replaced. Full refurbishments can become costly, but you can find out how to use a UK HELOC to unlock some of the equity in your home over on

If you can’t invest in a full refurbishment, then you can go one room at a time.

3 – Add a Room

Adding a room to a property can up your value by 10% of your total property worth. That is if you add a double bedroom. A single bedroom will fetch slightly less, as will a bathroom or added storage room. Add a garage to see up to 5% added to the price of your home. You might want to build a conservatory or even add second storey room additions in your house. All of these are viable ways to upgrade your property while increasing overall value.

4 – Consider Cladding

Although there has been much ado about cladding in the UK, we can assure you that modern homes below that 5 storey mark, who opt for fire-safe cladding (not ACM or non-ACM) are perfectly sensible to do so. Stone cladding boosts curb appeal and upgrades the neighbourhood. It increases property value while being better for your home’s energy efficiency rating. Composite cladding is easy to clean and minimal maintenance… just stay away from anything with a plastic core.

5 – Think about the Attic Space

Not every home in the UK has a cellar, but most have an attic. Are you using your attic space correctly? Attics make great extra rooms. Although technically a home addition, they are a floor extension, too. If you add an extra storey to your house, it might be just enough for you to have that games room of which you have always dreamed. It could be an effective way to give a teenager space, or to increase your home’s value with a few floorboards and some insulation.

Upgrading your Home is Best for You

There is one person who benefits most from home upgrades and that’s you. Make the most of your living space, one room at a time.

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