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The Role of Real estate Agents when Buying or Selling Property

Real estate agencies are tasked with facilitating a property sale either on behalf of the buyer or seller. They have qualified and experienced estate agents that act in the best interests of their clients. It is their mandate to be professional and help with the needs of the customer. However, in this digital era, the industry is changing. However, the traditional way of buying and selling property is still viable. Read on to get an in-depth analysis of the role of real estate agents in the selling process.

For a Client Selling their Property

Let us find out ways that real estate agents can undertake tasks on behalf of a client who wants to sell;

  • Valuation; an agent knows the market price of houses around your area and can help you set a competitive price. After appraising the property, the agents will provide additional information to support the valuation.
  • Marketing; there are numerous ways that agencies advertise properties. Whether it is print, digital or targeted marketing, estate agents can give you the best technique to market the house. Finding an agent selling similar houses can open up your chances of finding a buyer. Choose an agent with a track record of making sales.
  • Property viewing; when an agent gets a potential client, they plan for a day for the customer to view the house. They need to have background information about the house for them to facilitate the sale. They need to go the step further of closing the sale during the viewing. Also, estate agents need to vet the client to determine if they have the money to complete the purchase.
  • Negotiations; it is common for buyers to offer the price they deem fit for the property. However, real estate agents will negotiate for your price. They also help with the legal process.

For a client who wants to buy

A look into the agent’s role when a client wants to purchase;

  • Search for a suitable house; a real estate agent listens to the client to know what they are precisely looking for. They need to interrogate you to know what you are looking for and link you to houses that fit your description.
  • Organize viewing; an agent can have several properties that fit their client’s description for viewing and choosing the one they like. He/she can be available to help you inspect the property as they serve the client’s needs.
  • Make an offer; after the client identifies a property they like, an agent assists them make an offer to buy. They will base the amount on the market conditions.
  • The transaction; when transacting, the agents should be present as they act as a linkage between the buyer and seller. They assist in inspecting, negotiating, and updating their client on the progress.


Search for an agent nearby if you are buying or selling property. Read reviews over the internet, but it is essential to vet the agent in real life. However, experience and expertise are critical.

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