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Things to Ask Yourself Before Remodelling a Bathroom

Improving your bathroom is expensive. You need to have a substantial budget, or the cost could be way too high. Start by asking around. Look for remodelling contractors who will give you estimates based on your preferred changes and designs. You should also ask these questions before you set a budget.

Do I intend to sell within a few years?

If you say yes to this question, the changes you need to do should be according to trends. Your preference shouldn’t be the priority. You have to know the preferred bathroom designs by potential house buyers. You will find it easier to sell the house if you decide to do it later.

How much can I afford?

You don’t need to spend everything at once. You can gradually make changes until you get the desired results. You also don’t want to settle for whatever your current budget can afford. For instance, if you want to install a walk in shower enclosure, but you couldn’t afford to replace your tiles, it’s okay. The other changes can happen later.

Do I want to expand the bathroom space?

You have to decide if you would expand your bathroom space. Removing a part of the wall to add a bathroom space will be costlier. You also need to check if there’s plenty of space left for you to expand. If it’s impossible, you have to look for other ways to remodel the bathroom. If you want a bathtub, it might occupy a vast space. You need to expand if it’s your intention.

Is there enough ventilation?

Bathrooms are usually damp and humid. The problem is if it stays that way, it could lead to the growth of moulds. Removing them could be expensive, especially if they’re all over the place. Your family’s health will also be at risk.

Can I afford added luxuries?

There are unnecessary features that still look great if you have them in your bathroom. For instance, a heated floor would feel great on your feet. It also keeps the floor dry. Wall-mounted features are also an excellent idea. You can have a television on the wall to help you relax while bathing. If you still have extra money, vanity furniture can help organize your bathroom, and avoid messing up the toiletries. You don’t need to have them, but if you think your budget could still accommodate these features, they’re worth buying.

Do I have time?

You need to supervise the process and ensure that things go as planned. The contractor might also ask you some questions regarding your preference. It helps if you have enough time to check the progress of the changes.

Once you answered these questions, you’re ready to deal with bathroom remodelling. You can also get inspiration from magazines and lifestyle websites if you have no idea where to begin. Once you see the changes in your bathroom, you will have a more relaxing bath as if you were in a spa. Your family will probably feel the same way.


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