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Things To Know About Natural Stones?

If we expand the scope of the discussion, we can also see that everything around us was and is formed by these transformations on the planet. The sun and other stars, the earth, animals, and stones are millenary fruits of this process. In other words, everything around us is life and filled with a lot of history and energy.

But What Are The Reasons To Believe?

(1) Have Been Used For A Long Time

It’s not from today that crystals from stone center are talked about. Ancient people already use the precious stones in the foundations of the cities, in rituals of healing in alternative medicine, and practical magic, energy, and religion.

(2) Stones Have Chemical And Physical Properties

The quartz is the stone responsible for the first radio broadcast by having stable molecules with power frequency. The batteries are composed of chemicals that transmit energy, as well as stones. If we also try to remember the physics classes at school, the atoms present in the subjects make energetic exchanges. They are in constant motion, with a lot of vibration: protons, electrons, and neutrons. Crystals are highly energized materials in this same way.

(3) Non-Scientific Energies + Chakras

Most holistic therapies work on the etheric body, where the chakras are harnessed, where the higher energies of the field are harnessed to the physical body. The stones act in this field, connected to the chakras, and provide the possibility of connection with the world of energies. They also act on the emotional and mental body, taking care of our extinct and thoughts.

Then, the crystals act directly in people through the release, release, and rebalancing of energies. And these are directly linked to our joy, happiness, and other feelings. And acquiring well-being is the first step in helping to treat illnesses as well.

There is also the idea that stones are charged with energy in their formation and that, when we connect to them, we are connecting to what is most profound concerning nature. It is a re-encounter with the earth, with the natural, and with what is most primordial.

(4) The Placebo Effect

If none of this convinces, there is also the idea of the placebo effect. Usually, this concept is used negatively, as if we were being deceived. However, this is not quite the case. After all, changes and healings do happen, and they are significant, even though, according to this theory, they are more attached to our minds.

(5) Beauty

And lastly, it is undeniable that the stones are beautiful. If none of the reasons are enough, it is easy to believe that looking at beautiful objects, which fill our eyes, is incredibly satisfying and are suitable for our well-being.

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