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Top 5 Trending Exterior Home Design Trends to Look Forward This Year

The year is 2023, and the way homes used to look before from the outside is changing. The same old trends are taking backseats, and homeowners are looking for new techniques for exterior home design ideas. If you, as a homeowner, are still short on ideas or can’t think of a home as a blank canvas, you must read this one.

Whether using sustainable materials, mixing technology with design, or exploring innovative trends, the options are endless here. So, get ready to learn about some of the hottest trends in 2023 that immediately need your attention. See how old and new styles can hold hands and create something unique the world hasn’t seen before.

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1. Glass facades

Glass facades are one of the hottest home design trends in 2023. Many modern homeowners want to install glass on their outer walls for a clear view. This trend is no less than helpful as it allows you to get lots of vitamin D without actually going out. It’s very stylish and not to mention an excellent way to show the world that you are not afraid to try something unique.

2. Warm tones

Warm-tone colors such as green, brown, or gray are in trend since people are looking for colors that seem inviting and cozy at the same time. These colors make your home look friendly and create a charming atmosphere. Go for colors like warm yellows, earthy browns, or soft oranges that will surely turn heads.

3. Metal Roofing

Instead of selecting traditional roofing materials, homeowners are leaning towards metal roofing since low maintenance is one of its perks. If your home is near the coast, you should consider it to ensure longevity. It’s also a great way to ensure your home roof stands out, adding value and charm to your residence. No matter what you choose to do, metal roofing is something that will protect your wallet in the long run.

4. Natural landscaping

Instead of perfectly organized lawns, homeowners are looking for more of a nature-inspired look that looks simple. Think about creating a small garden in your backyard filled with seasonal flowers and herbs. It should be something you can connect with.  Creating something organic brings more value and a sense of calm to your space.

5. Sustainable materials

Homeowners choose materials that are good for the environment and can be recycled. If you also want to give your home a green makeover, don’t hesitate to opt for sustainable materials.

Say yes to a greener future by choosing materials like bamboo or recycled metal. You can also install solar panels and smart lights to make your home more sustainable.


Standing in 2023, thinking about your surroundings is very important as a small step towards a better future. Whether you think of your backyard full of trees and plants or using metal for your roof, you will create something to help you stand out. So, make your selection today, and start to plan your beautiful and unique exterior without having second thoughts.

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