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What are common problems with air conditioners?

With rising temperature, it has become a necessity to install an air conditioner at home. More than 75% of all homes in the United States are reported to have AC units. Hence, homeowners keep aside a small portion of their income towards efficient air conditioning. What if you turn on the unit and suddenly find that it simply does not cool your room or stops functioning! This can be something bearable especially with hot weather causing trouble for your small children and aged parents. Such issues generally come without any saying and tough to pinpoint. There are several websites that can provide valuable information on common air conditioner repair.

Common problems faced with AC units

Compressor not running:

The compressor is considered to be the unit’s heart. Its function is to circulate refrigerant between outdoor and indoor units. In case, it gets damaged, then indoor air will not be cooled effectively. Also other less expensive and smaller electrical parts might have got worn out and seem like facing compressor failure. Perhaps, there could arise a need to replace head-start device or the capacitor. If the compressor experiences issues, then the air conditioning repairs Mandurah specialist will replace it. If the unit is still under warranty, then get the whole outdoor unit replaced.

Leaking air:

There could be pest infestation in your attic like rats, squirrels, etc. They may cause harm to the duct work. Improper duct work installation might also result in efficient functioning of the AC unit. Home repair technicians, cable providers and plumbers might damage the duct work present in the attic accidentally. Such issues might result in air leaks, thus, making the home hot.

Exterior fan motor:

Another common air conditioner repair that you need to look into is the unit’s external fan in the condenser. Fans over time might develop problems, thus overheating the compressor. It is best to leave such issues to the industry experts. A damaged fan motor cause the fan to stop running, thus overheating the unit and shutting it down within minutes.

Blocked or dirty registers:

Over time, the unit’s register such as the filters might get dirty if not cleaned regularly. If blocked, air flow is becomes poor. At times, homeowners might unintentionally block them with some furniture. Blocked or dirty registers compel the unit to work harder, but without effective cooling. Only you witness increase in your energy bills.

Taking help of the air conditioner repair company on time will allow you to do away with these issues.

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