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What Information Regarding CFA Piling Is Needed?

Also known as auger cast piles, drilled displacement piles, and screw piles, continuous flight auger piles are an economic, quick, vibration, and low volume solution for medium to highly loaded structures. Mentioned down below is some information regarding CFA piling that one should know.

What Is It?

This piling system is a type of drilling foundation where a pile is fitted to its required depth in one single process. Space is filled with soil to provide support to the pile and maintains the hole’s stability. This method is popularly used in areas where a structure already exists or in areas that are sensitive.

What Is The Construction Process Involved?

The Construction Process For CFA Piling Includes The Following Steps:

  1. The head of the auger used for drilling is fitted with a cap that can be expanded.
  2. The auger is drilled into the ground till the depth that is required is accomplished.
  3. Once this level is accomplished, through the hollow stem, concrete is pushed into it to fill the cavity. This is done when the auger is being contracted.
  4. Continuous support for the hole is provided as this process takes place simultaneously.
  5. Once the concrete is filled, a steel reinforcement case is installed in the concrete-filled space.
  6. Splices and cutoffs are avoided through continuous flight auger.

What Are The Advantages Involved?

Various Advantages Are Involved In The CFA Piling Process. Some Of Them Are:

  1. The process is conducted through low volumes and vibrations. This ensures that no excessive sounds are produced.
  2. The installation process is relatively quicker than other similar processes.
  3. They can be directly installed without the use of temporary cases, even in situations of unstable soil patterns.
  4. It saves a lot of time in the construction process as the rigs used are very powerful.
  5. The process is economical where there are extensive uses it.
  6. This construction process can challenge various types of ground conditions.

There are many constructions where screw piles take place. Due to their continuous process, they can be used in various types of lands including clay, soft rocks, granular soils, etc. Such a construction process can be used to save time and less extensive sounds. This makes it a very beneficial process, especially in areas where strict rules have to be followed.

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