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What Is The Importance Of Cleaning The House Before Moving?

Even if you are very organized, the mess resulting from a move is enormous, and you need to leave a clean environment in your old house for the next family to move in. Likewise, the new property must be prepared to be your home.

Euromaids cleaning before and after the move has a lot in common! Want to know how to keep both houses clean, tidy, and fragrant? Keep reading with us, and we’ll give you some tips!

Why Clean The Old House?

The cleanup in question involves leaving items that you no longer use, broken or maybe too old, or that have never been touched and are no longer helpful to your family. Cleaning will also help the company’s employees a lot, because if the furniture is dusty and dirty, the whole new house will also be dirty with objects, right?

How To Start Cleaning The House Before Moving?

Do each room at once by looking at all the drawers and closet doors. Buy large 100-liter garbage bags to throw away documents, packaging, and other things you don’t even know because you still keep.

Used clothes can be donated; there are some donation points around the city and nothing that a message in a WhatsApp group can’t solve. Go through all the rooms, office, cafeteria, living room, kitchen, and laundry.

It’s surprising what hides in kitchen cupboards, for example, dishes or pans that have never been used, or even used so much that they are no longer helpful. Broken dishes, for example, should not be taken to the next house.

Start Cleaning From Top To Bottom

If the place has more than one floor, start cleaning the rooms from the top down. After all, it’s no use starting to polish the garage floor and having to walk through it to get to places that are still dirty. If the house has only one floor, opt for cleaning the back first. In other words: start with the rooms and follow their order until you reach the front door. This prevents you from stepping on dirty shoes in an environment that has already been cleaned!

Special Attention In The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the dirtiest environments according to euromaids. That’s why it’s important to vacuum and mop all cabinets (including the top and bottom), the oven, microwave, and all drawers and kitchen utensils. All kitchen utensils (plates, cutlery, pots, pans) must be washed upon arrival at your new home, as they accumulate dirt very quickly. Also, remember to brush the faucets and sanitize the sink. If possible, clean the floor and walls well; both accumulate a lot of greases.

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