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Globe: Make Your Terrestrial Globe

Have you noticed that children learn much more when interacting directly with the subject taught? Thinking about it, how about making a terrestrial globe such as a replogle with your child, so he understands more about the geography of the Earth?

The material is simple and cheap. You will need a Photocopy of the planisphere template enlarged by 300%, a 10 cm Styrofoam ball, Marker pens or pencils of various colors, Double-sided tape, Scissors, 02 pins, a Toothpick, 5 cm plastic cap diameter, a nail, and a lighter.

During the elaboration of the piece, you can show the relationship between the terrestrial globe, the world map and How to Choose the Best Globe. For many children, it is not always simple to understand how our round planet can be faithfully represented on a rectangular sheet of paper. And not because the Pacific Ocean appears on both sides of the map.

How To Do It

  1. Paint And Cut

Paint the map. Each continent must be colored a different color. Then, double-sided glue tape across the back of the map horizontally. Cut out the “buds” and keep them in order.

  1. First “Bubble.”

Insert a pin at the top and another at the bottom of the ball. They will guide the assembly. Remove the protection from all the double-sided tape from the first “section.” Glue the end to one of the pins, stretch the paper and attach the other end to the lower pin.

  1. Ecuador Becomes A Guide

The other “buds” must be glued, one close to the other. The central seam of the styrofoam ball can serve as a guide for you. It must coincide with the equator. When gluing the second “section,” remove the protection of the adhesive tape only from the central part, which goes from the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn. Repeat the procedure with the other parts, always keeping them in order. Save the top and bottom ends for last. In this way, you reduce the formation of wrinkles on the paper.

  1. The Base

After all the parts are glued, remove the pins. Heat the nail in the flame of the lighter and with it, pierce the lid that will serve as a base (remember: when producing the globe with the class, the lighter is only with you). If necessary, wrap the toothpick with clear tape to help hold it together.

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