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How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Roof?

Whether your house sustains roof damage in a storm, or your roof is simply old, the day will come when you need to replace it. Knowing the average cost of roofing materials and labor will help you budget for this big expense.

Average Cost of Roof Replacement

According to Angi (formerly known as Angie’s List) roof replacement costs across the country range from $5,570 to $11,415 with the typical homeowner spending $8,340. The age of your home, condition of your existing roof, and geographic location all play a role in how much you pay for a roof replacement. You should expect approximately 60 percent of your budget going toward labor charges and 40 percent for new roofing materials.

State Regulations on Roof Replacement Impact the Price

The rate homeowners pay for roof replacement can vary significantly based on the state of residence. For example, the average cost to replace a roof in California is $15,265. The cost in Nevada is almost one-third of that at $5,380. Angi recommends homeowners research the laws regarding new roof installation in their area to determine the impact on cost.

Considerations When Replacing Your Own Roof

Some homeowners try to save money by replacing their own roofs. This makes sense from a financial standpoint, considering that paying someone to do the work makes up more than half the total charges. However, you should only attempt to replace roofing materials if you have specific training and have the right tools and safety equipment on hand. You also need to consider the downsides of DIY roof replacement, even if you feel up to the task. These include:

  • Contractors typically provide a guarantee of their work, which you will not have when you remove the old roofing shingles and install new ones yourself.
  • If you are replacing your roof due to storm damage, your insurance company may not reimburse you unless you agree to hire a licensed contractor.
  • You will need to obtain and pay for a permit before you can start working on your roof.
  • While you may have the skills to remove and replace roofing tiles, you also need to set up the gutters, insulate the roof, and find solutions to unexpected problems. If you do not have these skills, the best thing you can do is hire an experienced roofing contractor from the start.

How to Determine the Cost of Roofing Tiles by House Size

The larger your home, the more roofing tiles cost per square foot. With a typical range of $3.50 to $5.00 per square foot, you can expect to spend a minimum of $4,000 for a 1,000 square foot house to a maximum of $16,000 for a 3,000 square foot house. Visit Angi for more information on roofing costs and to find a roofing company in your area.

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