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Double Storey Extension; What You Need To Know

Are you looking for innovative ways to increase your floor space without moving or eating too much into your garden? Investing in a double-storey extension is your go-to, a cost-effective and efficient way to get the most out of your property and enjoy more space that matches your needs. However, as you consider investing in double-storey extension, you might have a few questions, among the top, including the costs and planning permission.  In most instances, you might not need planning permission for a two-storey extension, especially if they fall within the permitted development guidelines in your location. Therefore, the significant question you’ll have to consider is; how much does a double storey extension cost?

Double-storey extension cost

The cost is dependent on several factors, among the primary including;


Site access is a considerable element that’s accounted for while getting a quote for the extension. Accessibility affects the construction process in various ways. Challenging sites demands more costs, as more work, tools, and professionals are required to navigate the process. Site considerations such as trees and soil composition are perhaps the most apparent considerations. Soil composition determines how much work goes into ensuring that the foundation is strong enough while navigating around trees in the process might necessitate specialized tools for safety. Apart from the site, your state also counts. For instance, in the UK, the average cost of a double-storey extension ranges from £1,500 to £2,500 per square meter but excludes the finishing costs.

The size

How much more space do you need? While getting a quote, the size in square meters is an obvious consideration, with the general rule of the bigger the size, the more it will cost applying. Apart from the general size, the design’s complexity also matters since some styles demand more work, meaning they’ll cost more than simplistic options.


Your material choice affects the cost incurred, including finishes. From the windows, flooring, roof lights, and underfloor, the choice of the materials hold significant weight on how much it will cost to complete the double-storey extension.

Associated fees

Building control, planning, design, and party wall fees are among the top costs you’ll have to consider when calculating how much you’ll need to finance the double-storey extension. Building control fee is needed to get the certificate at completion, which shows that the work complies with the region’s regulations. Party wall fee is needed if the extension requires building/excavating astride or is close to a boundary, meaning that an agreement with your adjacent neighbours is needed.

If planning permission is needed, then you’ll incur a fee. The design fee is perhaps the part that needs significant consideration. Shopping around is advised to ensure that you find a competitive deal. Hacks such as hiring a consultant instead of going directly to an architectural studio, or enlisting a design and building company for a quote of the total cost, including design fee, also helps you save a lot more.

Knowing what you are likely to face as you invest in home improvement projects goes a long way in enhancing the success rate. With effective planning, you can comfortably finance a double-storey extension without breaking your bank, an improvement that gives you more space and adds value to your property.

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