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5 Signs your tiles need re-grouting

Research has shown that unstable or slippery tiles occasion six out of every ten falls in the US in your shower or bathroom. To keep them securely and firm, you’ll need expert grouting. When there’s wear and tear in your tiles, it’s the grout that is affected—living in a home with tiles whose grout has peeled off presents many challenges.

Thus when do you know it’s time to re-grout the tile installations?

Loose tiles

Your tiles should be firm and safe. That’s what limits any possibility of wobbling when being pressed. Most people don’t know the right time to re-grout, but the writing is always on the wall. When you’ve loose tiles in your shower or any other part of your home, it’s an indication that the grout is no longer holding. To avoid further damages and safety hazards, you’ll need to have the tiles back in place. If water pours on such a floor, then there could be costly damages.

It’s a health hazard when you’ve wet and unstable tiles installation – it’s not safe for you and your loved ones. Are there multiple loose tiles in your home? Then it’s a sign that you need grouting. To limit the risk of excess damage, you need the intervention of a specialist.

Presence of mold

There are reasons as to why you’ve molds in your home; learn more here. Whichever the case, this will pose a health risk in addition to being an eyesore. Often, molds are cleaned through DIY techniques.

When the tiles have been wet for long, molds find their way there, and they can be pretty stubborn. Sometimes you’ll see algae forming under loosely installed tiles.

In such cases, cleaning the molds isn’t enough; you’ll still find an accumulation even after cleaning. If the issue has persisted, it’s time you think of regrouting the tiles all over again.

Just work with professionals, so you avoid a reoccurrence of the same issue.

It’s been in place for long.

Many homeowners will even take twenty years without thinking of a re-grout. When the first-time installation is done well, your tiles can go up to 15 years without the need for a replacement and with no indication of damage. That also will depend on the amount of force your tiles can endure. If the tiles have served you for a good number of years of pressure, say 12, you’ll need to plan for regrouting.

Have you bought your home from an original owner? You may need to ask such questions- failure to which you may have to remodel the entire house, and that is an expensive affair.

If you’re aware of the actual lifespan of the tiles, it becomes easy for you to plan.

When the grout is discolored

Sometimes your grouting may not show signs of cracking or crumbling, but discoloring is an indication that the grout in your shower or bathroom is damaged. The most common reason for discoloration is age. The grout cleaning approach and the substances you use will determine the outcome you get.

Whichever the cause, discoloration and broken tiles are an eyesore. However, it’s something you can protect. You need to have a professional like Perth Grout Cleaners do a regular check to identify damage signs. Don’t wait until you’ve loose tiles, do the re-grouting in time.

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