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Best Neighborhoods in Denver for Young Professionals

Denver city panorama

The bustling city of Denver has a strong, growing economy and many opportunities for young professionals. Living in Denver means enjoying breathtaking views, beautiful architecture, and many sunny days throughout the year. The area is vast, and there are various neighborhoods that can satisfy all kinds of lifestyles. Each part of Denver has its charm, unique look, distinct feel, and many attractions. Millennials love this city’s vibrant culture and the diversity of this fast-growing metropolitan area. They choose the neighborhood where they’ll live according to the affordability, job opportunities, entertainment options, proximity to bars and restaurants, etc. Here’s our list of the best neighborhoods in Denver for young professionals and what you can expect to find in each of them.


Downtown Denver is the heart of the city, where you can find high-rise apartments and many career opportunities. Young professionals love living and working in this urban core. Many companies have offices right here, so if you choose this area, there’s a big chance that you’ll have a short commute and plenty to see and enjoy after your working hours. In case that you decide to move here, experts at Home Grown Moving Denver, CO are at your disposal for any type of moving assistance, from packing your items to settling into your new home.

Lower Downtown is the oldest neighborhood and the historic district. The most popular shopping center called 16th Street Mall is located here. That’s where you can find plenty of stores and some of the best restaurants in the whole city. Entertainment options are endless, from live music to professional sports and much more.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is a trendy area and one of the best neighborhoods in Denver for young professionals. It’s close to downtown, but it has its own vibe. Here’s where you can find the best nightlife. There’s also a strong art and culture scene, so you can wander through many art galleries and six different museums. The food options are pretty diverse in this neighborhood, and there’s almost anything you could wish for, from typical American food to Mexican, Thai, Japanese, and endless other dining options. If you’re searching for a perfect home in Denver, keep in mind that Capitol Hill requires deeper pockets, but it has everything – from modern apartments to historic homes.

North Capitol Hill (also known as Uptown) is one fantastic district to live in. It’s also home to City Park – one of Denver’s largest green spaces where you can relax, unwind and enjoy your daily dose of vitamin D. If you’re a nature and animal lover, you’ll be happy to know that The Denver Zoo and the Museum of Nature and Science are also located inside the City Park.


Highlands is Downtown’s northern neighbor and one of Denver’s newest developed areas. Modern houses and apartments are mixed with charming Victorian buildings. This neighborhood is very popular among newcomers, including young professionals in search of urban living. There are new businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars on every corner, so you’ll have plenty of options where you can spend your free time. When the weather is nice, you can enjoy farmers’ markets, street fairs, and many outdoor events (many of them are free).

Lower Highland is the part of the neighborhood closest to Downtown (they are connected with the pedestrian Highland Bridge), where you can always be in the center of things. It has trendy stores, bars, and many other hipster places. It’s also a bike-friendly area and a home to Denver’s Contemporary Art Museum.

Five Points

Five Points was one of the first suburbs of Denver. Nowadays, it attracts millennials and college grads looking for vibrant urban living. It’s one of the best neighborhoods in Denver for young professionals. The area was recently developed, with many abandoned warehouses turned into live performance venues. This neighborhood offers a fascinating fusion of old and new. Hence, you can see a mix of new construction and historic buildings side by side.

If you want to live in the middle of the action, you may search for a home closer to Larimer Street. On the other hand, there’s a southern district of Five Points with a more traditional feel, tree-lined streets, and older homes.

Washington Park

Denver is known for its many beautiful parks, and Washington Park is among the most popular ones, with two large lakes and a lovely trail for running. On sunny days, the park is full of young people playing volleyball and enjoying picnics. The neighborhood that surrounds the park consists of gorgeous older homes with a variety of different architectural styles. Giant 100-year-old trees are scattered throughout this stunning neighborhood, providing great shade, which is very convenient in summer.

Washington Park has two different distinct areas:

  • West Wash Park – Home to many coffee shops, breweries, live music venues, etc.
  • East Wash Park – Just perfect for quiet city dwellers and one of the ideal neighborhoods for families.

River North Art District

This area was once an industrial neighborhood dominated by factories and warehouses. Nowadays, it’s stunningly reinvigorated as the perfect place for art lovers and all kinds of entertainment. This truly unique area is where you can find:

  • Beautiful street art – the abundance of murals and colorful graffiti
  • Captivating storefronts
  • Plenty of jazz bars and other music venues
  • Experimental restaurants, breweries, and late-night food trucks
  • Contemporary art galleries, etc.

Moving to a new neighborhood in Denver

If you’re moving to a new neighborhood in Denver, you’ll have to make a good plan if you want process to go smoothly. You might need a helping hand to organize the whole thing, pack, and transport your belongings, so keep in mind that teams nearby are the best choice. Reliable local movers from Denver will know every street in the city, so they can make your move a breeze.

People from other states have also shown great interest in moving to this area. Interstate relocation has become popular after the pandemic, and transition to this city can be seamless if you have the right tools and adequate relocation assistance.

Suburbs in Denver

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many people decided to move from central city areas to quieter suburbs. Some of the most popular suburbs in Denver for young professionals include:

  • Englewood – It’s family-friendly, and it consists of many millennials and young professionals. It’s also bike and pedestrian-friendly, with almost any commercial convenience only a short walk away.
  • Lakewood – This suburb has abundant parks, and it’s close to mountains, which makes it great for those who like to enjoy outdoor activities after a hard day’s work. Art and culture enthusiasts also have plenty of performances to enjoy here throughout the year.
  • Westminster – Home to many business-focused conferences and hobby-oriented conventions, so it’s excellent for networking. Westminster residents often play golf and visit Standley Lake, where they can relax and enjoy hiking, boating, and fishing.
  • Boulder – Although not technically a suburb, this small, vibrant city has excellent amenities and parks. No wonder why it’s often called a national mecca for young professionals, especially tech employees.

Final thoughts mill

Even though choosing a part of the city where you’ll live may feel challenging at first, it shouldn’t be so cruel to decide if you’re well informed. Now that you know the benefits of all the best neighborhoods in Denver for young professionals, it’s easier to find one that you’ll soon call home.

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